Friday, 14 September 2012

Beauty Box Canada - Weekly Wants!

I have so been loving posting my weekly wants for you all. Although some of this stuff I'm still yet to purchase I love giving you all an idea of somethings that could be added to future shopping extravaganzas of mine.
Beauty Box Canada Weekly Wants: 

Marcell BB Cream (Retails for $20.00-$22.95) You can purchase the BB cream from any Shoppers Drug Mart - I have been wanting to try this, but because I've heard so many negative's about it I was worried about jumping in steep with a $22.00+ BB Cream that may just end up not being used, and of course with my luck Loose Button gave this in their Fall Luxe Box and I wasn't one to receive it! So will I or won't I purchase? We will see ?

Metallic Heel High Glitter Booties (Retails for $45.50) You can purchase these at Charlotte Russe in the USA or on their website! - I think these are so cute! Okay realistically not for everyday attire, but honestly-- I need to have these for New Years or a Christmas party, add these to an outfit to have the "glam-a-peel"!

M.A.C ColorBlend Blush --"So Sweet So Easy" (Retails for $20.00) You can purchase at any M.A.C store/cosmetic counter or online. If you know me, you know I LOVE blush.. and this blush well there is no exception I love it, It reminds me of the perfect pink for rosy cheeks on a cool Autumn or winter day! Ah fall, how I love FALL!

Ralph Lauren Big Pony #4 for Women (Retails for $19.00-$70.00) You can purchase at any Sephora , Shoppers Drug Mart, Ulta (USA) Online Sephora - the list goes on - this scent is so in! there was so much hype and when I tested it I fell in love. I decided to hold off perfume for now as I would love to use up some before getting new scents, but I anticipate to have this before Christmas :)

Borghese Fango Brillante Brightening Mud Mask For Face and Body (Retails for $38.00 + for 207 ml) You can purchase this Mud Mask at (Free shipping anywhere in Canada) I have never heard of this product before but after much review and reading on it, I would love to have it! Any product that would brighten the look of my skin is welcome in my books!

That's it for this week beauties, What do you all think? What have you been liking this week?


  1. Wooo , I must try that one as well Ash, I hope to get the entire collection :)

  2. I really like the Marcelle BB Cream but after trying others, I now prefer to use my Etude House Precious Minerals Bright Fit one over Marcelle. I'd say go for it when it goes on special maybe!