Monday, 2 June 2014



My apologies for not posting in over a month, I feel absolutely horrible about this and I constantly feel I need to come and post something. However being the perfectionist I am , I will not just post "something". This blog is a hobby as I have stated previously in past posts, and although I would love to make a profession out of this, at this stage in my life this is not the profession I have chose.

I absolutely love blogging, working with companies and meeting new people worldwide. It is a blessing to say the least that I have had the opportunities I have, Thank you!

I have some exciting posts planned - the only problem is ; time! I wish I had more time in my days. No excuses though I will find time.

My life has been chaos for sometime, I suffer from sever anxiety and when I first started blogging I was in a deep and dark place. I passed time by blogging and sharing what I loved with others who loved the same. For a year now I have been on a journey to a better me, I have began working full time, living healthy and exercising , and being happy.
Sometimes we have to pull back from the things we enjoy to find ourselves and that is truly what I needed in my life and this explains most of my recent slacking.

I will never give up on blogging, as I can truly say I love the interaction with you all.

This is a ramble post. But I felt it was necessary to sit and say exactly what was on my mind. I can't wait to be back in the full swing of things.
Soon , I promise!


  1. Just came across your blog, I loved your note about suffering from anxiety and how you have come past that. Being someone who suffered from this myself, I always love hearing other success stories. I will be following your blog now, and look forward to future posts! You're welcome to check out mine as well :)

    All the best!

    1. Thank you so much Amy for the support. It has not been an easy road but my humbleness and ambition and support of great surroundings sure has helped with my success.

      I will also be checking/following your blog!
      Welcome, and I hope to have some future posts soon