Sunday, 8 September 2013

6 GLAM Secrets to Looking Awake While Feeling Dull

Beauties ; Today this post is going to be a post I think all my readers must read ; Recently I was reading the September edition of Cosmo Magazine when I came across a fantastic article. It was titled "Sexy on No Sleep" .. I know many of us can speak up when I say we have all had many sleepless nights, whether it be we out did ourselves at a work event the night prior , the episode of Greys aired and you missed it so you had to stay up late to catch the next one whichever the case may be, being tired and sexy is still do-able according to Sarah Appleby who is a pro makeup artist.

 I do not own these tips they belong to Sarah Appleby and are posted on Beauty Box Canada for educational purposes
The 6 tips that were posted on page 132 of Cosmopolitan September 13' edition were absolutely brilliant and in all reality can turn your tired look into full alertness just by basic routines in your beauty regimen. I really felt it was necessary to share these glam secrets.

"Fake a glow with an illuminating powder" - I think we all may know this one, an illuminator really helps the wakefulness of a tired face, but not only that according to Sarah when you lack sleep your cells have a slower turnover, this causes you to look patchy and dull. All you must do is apply anywhere the light would hit more , ie : cheekbones, and down the bridge of your nose.

"Choose a Brightening Concealer" - Ok let's be honest dark circles are hideous and can make anyone feel less beautiful, besides dark circles scream tired -- Sarah indicates all you must do is apply 5 dots of a brightening concealer from your inner eye to "tail" of your brow and blend upward toward the lash line. This disguises any circle and really makes you appear alert.

"Reach for blue-based Mascara" - When you ad a basic black liner it normally only emphasises the lashes, but if you grab a blue-black it enhances the "whites" of your eyes... Interesting!

"Match your blush to your Lipstick" - According to Sarah by matching your blush to the colour of your lipstick it makes the illusion that your makeup look is more "pulled together" and it brightens your facial appearance instantly.

"Go with beige, not black Eyeliner" - We all know sometimes black can be to much, well especially it can if your feeling tired and have under eye circles. Black emphasises the dark circles under eyes and much like a concealer beige brightens and camouflages redness in your waterline.

"Toss foundation in the fridge" - BB & CC creams are perfect for this.. If your feeling super tired and you look it before hoping into the shower or eating breakfast Sarah says place your BB or CC cream in the fridge and allow it too cool for 10-15 mins. Once you apply this to your face your skin it's going to even out redness, reduce puffiness and hydrate beautifully.

Really there is no reason to feel less glamorous when your lacking sleep. Of course lets not forget a balanced diet and exercise helps with many factors .. sometimes just sometimes being a women comes with some not so glamorous things, but really .. no one has to know

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