Sunday 7 July 2013

Scrubxury Review

Beauties , I have a treat for you today! About 2 weeks ago I was in contact with Maggi Bruce from Scrubxury. Scrubxury is a Canadian based etsy shop that specializes in body scrubs and body butters. I was excited to receive some product samples to test out for you all. Before I get started a big thank you again to Maggi, her communication is excellent and she really aims to please.

Maggi was gratious enough to send me 5 samples of over 50 items she sells in her etsy shop. First up is her Angel Food Cake Sugar Scrub. Although it has great texture and feels great on the skin, this was my least favorite product. The smell just wasn't for me and it seemed to be a bit watery, however with that being said I beleive the heat and weather conditions during its journey to me played a big factor. I am sure to make it more firm placing it in a fridge for a couple hours would work wonders.

Next is the Cinnamon Chai Latte Sugar Scrub Cube = Amazing ; Maggi does a great job on her sugar scrubs and I really like the fact it's in a cube form. It smells like you could eat it straight from the container and reminds me a lot of a christmas cookie. This was a favorite of mine ; Thanks Maggi

Blueberry Cobbler Whipped Sugar Scrub .. all of the smells make me so hungry! The fact that this sugar scrub is whipped is so delightful. It's gentle and smooth and works amazing on the feet. 

Lastly my favorite! The Earl Grey Tea Body Butter! I adore this product so so much. It melts instantly when applying it to your body and is super smooth. The smell is super relaxing and is perfect for a long day after a nice relaxing bubble bath.

My final product was a bonus - it was a sample of the chocolate lip scrub - I used it all up so I was unable to capture the image; however it was divine. I used it for 3 days straight on my lips prior to applying my makeup. I encourage you all to check out Maggi's online Etsy Shop ; she offers over 50 items to choose from all in a variety of flavors and products. Again , a huge thank you to Maggi Bruce for sending such great products. They were simply delicious!                
Disclaimer : These PR samples were sent to me for review all opinions are my own


  1. mmmm cake smelling products! everything sounds so lovely (:

    1. it really was/is :) Be sure to check them out Steph