Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Pelle Beauty *Review*

Hello Beauties , I was recently given the oppertunity to experiment with some vegan face products for you all from Pelle Beauty , firstly before I get started I would like to thank Marnie for allowing me to review some fantastic products for you all.

What is Pelle Beauty? Pelle Beauty is explained as luxurious natural skin care made from whole plant botanicals for the most radiant & healthy skin. I am not 100% natural in my skin care routine, however after using these products for a week straight I have seen such a difference in the feel of my skin. I have such sensitive yet combination skin (it really is an icky combination) but Marnie made sure to send something that would work great for my skin.

Botanical Face Mist - The entire description on this face mist can be read here I have been using this as a "cooling mist" and it's worked wonders! I stick the face mist in my purse and when I need to be refreshed from the heat I just spray this on my face.
Pelle Beauty Image 

PelleClean Gentle Cleansing Gel - I fell absolutly in love with this! I use it everyday now and I WILL be purchasing the full size. A little goes a long way so I have barly put a dent in the bottle. I use this morning and evening by weting my face, adding a little product to my loreal cleansing sponge and lathering in circular motions across my face and neck. It leaves my skin so baby smooth! and the thing I love most is, it doesn't make my skin breakout! (read all about this cleanser here)
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PelleInfusions Facial Concentrate Soothing - I use this product after I cleanse and tone my face. It has such a natural strong smell. It smells like roses and camamille and it does just as it says -- sooths! I really like this product as well and again a little drop goes a long way. (read all about this soothing concentrate here)
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Stellar Multitasking Facial Concentrate - This product can be used in so many ways. I specifically have been using it as a face primer. It's lightweight and absorbs amazingly! I use it because I have such dry patches on my face. I haven't seen it necessarly prolong the wear of my makeup, but it does help my oily patches which makes it awesome for a moisturizer as well. -- this product can be used 5 different ways, as a moisturizer, makeup remover, brow grooming agent, makeup primer and mixing agent for mineral foundation and mineral products as well as a facial mask primer , simply STELLAR ;) (read all about the multitasking concentrate here)
Pelle Beauty Image

Lip Balm in Mocha  -  This lip balm is super moisturizing! The flavor is Mocha however I don't smell a strong scent it's very subtle and smells o'natural, none of this false smelling scent! I keep this with me in my travel makeup bag and it's perfect for the summer. The only thing I wish it offered is SPF. These balms are also used to mutitask (read all the uses here)

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Thank you once again Pelle Beauty for allowing Beauty Box Canada and my audiance the chance to discover an amazing Canadian Vegan company. I encourage you all to check out Pelle Beauty. If you have any questions click here and I ensure Marnie will have your questions answered promptly.

Disclaimer : These PR samples were sent to me for review all opinions are my own

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  1. I love the botanical facial mist! it's so refreshing for hot summer days and I fear the day when I run out!