Tuesday, 28 May 2013

imPRESS Press On Manicure Review

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Today is a review post regarding the imPRESS press on nails by Broadway. These have been a hyped product since there release about a year(+) ago. However just recently Alli Simpson (famous for her role in Aussi fashion and acting and her famous brother Cody Simpson) released a new DIY line for all of us nail enthusiasts out there.
Alli is the face of the new imPRESS collection which offers DIY manicure kits in 4 new limited edition packages.
These kits include 24 "nails" in black , violet, baby pink, and neon pink. They also include 2 sheets of different decals to decorate the nails as you desire. The collection includes, "Rumba", "Tango", "Shimmy" and "Cha-Cha" ROI Relations was kind to send me out "Cha-Cha" to test and review for you all.

First impression - I liked the length of these nails they seemed to have fit perfectly on my nail bed. The color is perfect for summer and the decals are super cute. The concept of the nails are great, however I would not see myself purchasing these because the nail it's self seems quite flimsy and would not be durable for long wear with the adhesive on the back. 
The box indicates that the nails "last up to a week" ... however I applied these and within an hour after wearing these out they began coming off. These would be super cute for a dinner date or an activity that doesn't involve much use of the hands, but for daily use these do NOT work. 
I was unfortinutly unable to capture the nails on as I forgot before I left home and when arriving back they were no longer on. 
Overall- The concept it great ; but I think the adhesive needs more improvement as it is not as durable as it claims to be. 
Disclaimer : These PR samples were sent to me for review all opinions are my own

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