Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Wantable.co Subscription Review

Beauties, There is a new subscription service coming to Canada, and I'm super excited to have to opportunity to share with you my experience. Wantable.co was super generous to send me one of the 2 boxes they offer! I received the beauty box, Wantable.co also offers a fashion jewelry box as well! Wantable.co will be launching in Canada later on this month and their offering an exclusive sign up offer
If you go to //www.wantable.co/giveaway/free-box-for-canada just enter the required information and your second wantable.co box is free (excluding the shipping and duty fees which depend on geographic location) as well you may cancel or skip months at anytime!
Each box is $36 if you subscribe or $40 to purchase one time! Shipping to Canada will be $5 plus any duties and taxes and shipping will take 4 to 8 business days to get to you :) Now I know $36 dollars and even $40 sounds like a lot but your gaurenteed at least a value of $80 - $100 worth of full sized and sample sized products with each box!
When I opened my sample box I was impressed it turns out I received wantable.co March beauty box! The products were great
What was in the box :
Be a Bombshell blush - Blind Date
Color Club Nail Polish - Flamingo
Paula Dorf Lip Liner - Pink
Real Techniques 2-in-1 Kabuki Brush
Caitlyn Gel Liner - Black

The estimated total value of my box was $90!! I was super impressed ! If your interested in signing up with wantable.co please check out their site at www.wantable.co :) I really feel this box will be a great asset to Canada's beauty subscription services ! I look forward to the launch of wantable.co in Canada ... Do you?


  1. Hi,

    Aww. I signed up though still have not received my email to sign up. I guess you got yours sooner as your a blogger? Box looks pretty good to me. Guessing there was no Duty fees on this box? Thanks for showing what you got.

  2. You will receive an email once they launch :) no duties were inquired in this box it depends on geographical location as well the box was kindly scent for review :)

  3. Can't wait for them to start shipping to Canada. I think I'd do the one time purchases though.