Tuesday, 19 February 2013

2013 Anticipated Fashion Trends

I'm sure we are all aware and excited for warmer weather approaching us in the next few months. With that comes a new trend. Something perhaps different from the previous season, or maybe something the same. Perhaps even a trend from earlier years? , New York Fashion Week is now over and if your like me I spent much time researching the trends that are anticipated with Spring... Anticipated 2013 Fashion Trends ...

This year there is a lot of interesting and colorful fashion pieces I have already seen in clothing shops that were anticipated and worn on fashion week. I am super excited to share what was shared with myself as well as what I have seen first hand.

The first thing I have noticed a lot of but maybe it wasn't as popular as designers expected is leather - Now I'm not speaking the cheap pleather material. I am speaking real genuine leather from head to toe , tops right down to shoes. Leather is expected to be big in Spring so watch out!

We gonna rock down to electric avenue -- ; Electric pop is in! Yes beauties , NEONS! florescent 60 inspired pieces are in fact one of the most popular we will be seeing this spring. I am a fan of neon's so I'm really excited to see some florescent pieces to come.

Cropped! When I say cropped I don't typically mean a cropped top, I'm referring to cropped pants , trousers more than anything. Think lady gaga inspired shoes for example , this trend is to focus more on the beauty of a shoe more than the length of the pant.. Interesting enough to say the least.

Graphics and Plaids ; Yes , this still is trending , but look forward to seeing it more this Spring. A symmetrical lines , and chunky bold patterns!

Pastels .. Probably the one thing (other than neon's) I am most excited for. I feel in love with mint last Summer and love all subtle and calm colors. Think , baby pinks , violet , lemon , baby blue's and corals!

Last but not least - "x ray" fabric -- sheer through the core of the body , fabrics like lace and mesh are going to be used to create this look. I love lace and can not wait to see some pieces with this type of look.

Who is excited for these fashion trends? I would love to hear all your opinions.. what are you excited to see? what are you least excited about? Do you agree 2012/2013 have been in the 60 era? Comment below! I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. pastels! ... always my fave spring trend :D

    1. They are such a big hit for me as well :) excited too see what's to come :)

    2. They are such a big hit for me as well :) excited too see what's to come :)

  2. I think all of those will be popping up in the warmer weather. I don't quite know how the leather trend will work with any heat but I'm sure it will look great.

    I am a huge fan of pastels and neons, so I look forward to shopping for those styles soon!

  3. I have a feeling 2013 will be 80's inspired. Neon is nice, I like tthat! :)