Wednesday 21 November 2012

Trending -- Studded (Spiked) Accessories, Handbags & Footwear + My Picks!

Can we get an applause for "Old School" rock fashion? Yes, ladies we all know it's back in -- leathers, lace, crosses and even studs -- yep 2012 and TRENDING! I love doing these type of posts, and I adore fashion, I am going to focus this post however, strictly on studs the ever so sheik and hip rocker vibe that can add any pop to ones attire. You can see studs on just about anything now , shoes- bags- accessories you name it , it can be done. I am going to share my current favourites that I have seen focusing strictly on the studding detail!

  • Studded Lace Up Wedge Sneaker from ; I adore these! Nicole Guerriero on YouTube featured a pair like these in a recent haul of her's and I fell in love. These super edgy wedge/sneaker scream rocker sheik! Fully studded at the heal of the shoe. They are so bad ass and I think every girl deserves a pair of shoes that make her feel edgy.

  • Studded Clutch from Forever 21 ; Studded handbags/clutches are super easy to find, I thought this was a great little clutch to share with you all. Again, the rocker look is there and this handbag would be perfect for a New Years eve party or Christmas outing this winter ! Adorable!
  • Pyramid Stud Earrings from an Etsy Shop! Again these earrings are available pretty much anywhere as they are trending! Super adorable, and super fun! I have a pair of these I received from ebay and I love wearing them with any out fit. 

So there it is, my picks for the ever so trending Studded (Spiked) Accessory  Handbag and Shoe category  What do you all think of this trend? Are you "rocking" it?


  1. Of course I am! I'm wearing Jeffrey Campbell Starburst booties today, they have been my fave this month!

  2. I am loving the studded trend.

  3. i own a pair of studded heels from Forever 21 (which i posted on my blog before) and they are so awesome! but when i accidentally rub one leg on the other, it is painful. haha
    i love those studded earrings - so cute! i should check ebay too

  4. OMG those booties are so freakin awesome, I really love them WOW

    1. They sure are Candice , and there are so many alternatives to the more expensive pairs out there :)

  5. I think I'm the only one on the planet not a fan of the studded trend!