Monday, 12 November 2012

TAG ♥ Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger

Hey beauties, So I have seen the "Confessions Of A Beauty Guru" all over YouTube recently, and I really wanted to do this tag, so after I googled to see if there were similar questions for us Beauty Bloggers and sure enough there were. These questions are the same as the guru questions but just altered more towards the blogging aspect. I tag all my fellow BEAUTY BLOGGERS ♥ Also, feel free to use my image!

1. How many hours a week do you spend planning/writing/uploading posts?
I don't have a specific time frame, for me my posts come when I find something that I feel I need to post about or I feel I would like to share. I get inspired however, and sometimes I post more than others. Blogging is a hobby, and I really enjoy it. 
2. Are you a spender or a saver?
I think if I did this tag months ago, I would have answered spender, no question asked! but because of some recent road bumps in my life I was forced to look at my spending a little more carefully than I perhaps would have months prior to now. 
3. When is it easiest for you to write your posts?
The easiest is every single time I post, (honestly) .. The goal for my blog was to do posts passionately  I didn't want blogging to feel like a job. I take pride in the effort I put in my posts knowing they are not forced. I literately come to my computer, log into blogger and just write. 
4. What makes writing posts comfortable for you?
Honestly, because it's something I love doing it makes something in me so humbling. (I promise this isn't weird ;)
5. What's your worst make up/hair habit?
Not sure I have one for makeup, but hair .. probably showering and immediately placing it up, it has no time to breath which causes unwanted break off and dead ends -UGH! you would think I learned my lesson, I guess habit is a habit..
6. What's one quote you wish the world would live by?
"Turn your cant's into cans and your dreams into plans"
7. How long do you spend getting ready everyday?
I think this ultimately depends on the day, I mean if Im home I probably spend the least time as I probably won't "get ready" but if Im going out and it included makeup, more time on my hair and such probably 1 hour maybe 1 and a half tops!
8. What's your favourite post on your blog?
I can honestly say, I don't have a favorite! Not to be bias or anything but I think they are all "blog" worthy, in fact Beauty Box Canada blog worthy :)
9. Who is a beauty blogger that you think deserves more subscribers than they have?
This is a tough one, I follow so many fantastic blogs and personally with only 41 followers , it's tough.. although social media is big, reaching social media is tough. I personally think all my fellow beauty bloggers should have more followers than they do, as long as their passionate and really enjoy blogging.
10. What's one this you're excited about in the coming year? 
This year, 2013 - wow .. I hope I experience new adventures. I don't think Im particularly excited about 1 thing, My husband is going away from me for some time, times will be tough but I am positive the new adventures will be swell, I look forward to those. 
11. What's been your favourite blogging moment?
My favorite blogging moment , hmm- the moment I realized I had 1 follower I think was my favorite. I am still a fairly new blogger, so in time I think I will say 1 year , 2 years est - but initially the moment I realized I reached at least 1 person was such a humbling moment. 
12. How long does it take to prep for a post?
Like I said, I don't prep -- just find my idea and write! Just like right now. If an idea comes to mind I will post! 
13. Are you wearing jeans/skirt right now or are you wearing pyjama bottoms?
A blogger is most confident in her pj's -- well at least I am lol 
14. What are you most proud of in your life?
Life is such a complex subject, I am most proud of the struggles I overcome , because without them I simply wouldn't have a story to tell ♥

Well , this is my TAG blogging beauties! Please share this tag! and comment below your links so I can read your tags as well if you choose to participate!


  1. I totally feel you in that point, when do you write posts! I love to blog, but sometimes, i am just too lazy to do anything, but i start to feel bad that i don't publish any new posts - and that shouldn't be like this...i'm telling myself to calm down and to wait til i'm in the mood again :)
    Found your blog at the bloghop

    1. Thanks so much , I know exactly how it is Janine <3 Welcome to my blog! and thank you for your support! Following back xx