Wednesday, 17 October 2012

International Swap With Cecile ♥

Hello Lovelies ,
This is another International swap I have done with Cecile , I just adore her! Her kind hearted soul is amazing and she is such a pleasure to get to know and speak with. I have shied away with all the craziness from Be A Beauty Correspondent for now as some things have arisen  I will be moving December 1st , saying goodbye to my husband for a while November 22nd and Christmas is just around the corner, to sum it all up I guess life has my focus for this moment.
Before I move on to the swap I want to ask one favor from all of my loyal followers and friends.. My favor is to ask you all to stick by me in months to come? these months will not be easy for me as saying goodbye to your new husband for 18 months is not something most couples have to endure. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for continuing to support Beauty Box Canada and it's new adventures and new opportunities you have all made this transition an easy one and I'm sure with all your support , and with my family and friends these months will fly by, now before I get all sentimental on you all I will continue with what you have come to view ;)

Cecile knows me all to well , she had also went above and beyond! I am not going to mention everything product for product but I will highlight some of my favorites for you all. 
Thanks again Cecile , I hope you receive my package soon 
  • Lush Products - Buffy Massage Bar (love this product) : Big Shampoo : Volcano Foot Mask : Twilight Bath Bomb 
  • Bioderma
  • Jean Paul Gaultier -MaDame Perfume 100ml :0 <-- So did not HAVE too
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissables <--- 2 more amazing colors to my collection
  • French Brand Dry Shampoo
  • 5 Kiko Polish's -- Kiko Mascara and Kiko eyeliner pencil 
Overall , there is basically NOTHING I wasn't excited for, Cecile's heart is bigger than anything I can ever express! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to your's Cecile! 
Cecile votre coeur et la bonté sont toujours appréciés, l'amour toujours 


  1. I think adding a lush product to every swap makes a swap better :) I love the smell it gives the packages :) I'm new to Be a Beauty Correspondent and already have swaps planned! I love the group, despite its recent dramas :)

    1. Couldn't agree more :) Thanks so much for having a look , I am IN LOVE with Lush !

    2. So am I! Funny story: My direct manager at work used to be Australia's Lush Trainer (something along those lines) and worked at Nine West. Lush and shoes! I'm super jealous of her :)

  2. Awesome swap!! Very nice goodies!!! I hope all will work out for you, take your time and I look forward into new blog posts once everything has settled. xox

    1. oh btw I nominated you for an award on my blog... did I forget to tell you? lol