Monday 10 September 2012

You-Blog "Brining Beauty Bloggers & Youtube Guru's Together To Promote"

If your a blogger/YouTube guru you will agree with me when I say how hard promoting our blogs/YouTube channels are right? Whether your new or are experienced promoting using social media maybe the most effective way but it is also the most difficult. Today we use means of promotion to build our audience, Facebook/YouTube-Twitter you name it!
Recently a YouTube Beauty Guru and Blogger (RomanianButterfly206 Youtube) and ( blog) and Myself (A Blogger) thought it would be great to use a social media network page such as Facebook to allow others to promote their channels and blogs.

You-Blog is a designed for YOU to promote your abilities accessibly at your own convenience. (no additional blog/video required) All you have to do is go to "Like" and make a post! You can promote yourself, a family member a friend or even someone who has a great blog or YouTube channel which ever it may be we welcome you 
Our hopes are for a blog or a YouTube channel to build its audience of course at the discretion of your interest. 
There will be documents you can edit your self to add your blog or YouTube account or you can leave a comment stating you'd like your channel/blog to be added to the list! 

Let this be something fun , and helpful! We will not promote disturbing or cruel/un natural video's or blogs! We would like all the channels and blogs to stay within Beauty and Fashion!

Have fun , and WELCOME! 

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