Friday 14 September 2012

How To Fix Those Broken Beauty Products!

Hello Ladies , I hope your all enjoying your Friday! I sure am , it's so beautiful these last couple days with the fall like weather we have been experiencing in Northern Ontario!
Aside from that , this post is based on fixing those "no good" or "broken" beauty products! Just because a blush has been shattered to pieces doesn't mean it's no longer usable, *new's to me* I recently got a M A C blush in the mail and it arrived shattered to pieces. I was so upset, I contacted a friend and she told me to YouTube a resolution! Great ol' YouTube ... So I did .. I didn't realize how simple it was going to be to have my product back to usable conditions, was I ever impressed, thus this post!
I want to share with you all the simple resolution to your un-usable broken beauty products!
What You Will Need:
  •  Rubbing alcohol * I suggest a percentage higher then 50% so the alcohol absorbs better into the broken product
  • A cloth or old rag you don't mind getting product on, 
  • An object of any kind to smooth out any bumps, a baggie 
  • Your fingers.
Steps To Follow : 
  1. Add your broken product into a baggie and get all the chunks out using your fingers to make sure the product gets fine. 
  2. After the product is all smooth to make things easier cut the top off the baggie and carefully place the product back into it's compact/pan. 
  3. Next, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the compact and place the cloth/rag over it, take your objects surface to smooth the powder back into shape. *You can do the smoothing and cloth process as many times as you wish to get the surface as smooth as you'd like* 
  4. Let the alcohol dry completely (up to 10+ hours before using) 
  5. Enjoy your "unusable" beauty product is as good as new!
We all know how hard it is to prevent this sometimes as accidents happen and sometimes Canada Post is not the most reliable when it comes to delivery. But if all else fails at least there is a resolution!