Friday 31 August 2012

Winning with Beauty Crazed and Clearasil

Hello everyone , 
Hope your all well! I just wanted to come and share an exciting post for you all. A few weeks ago I entered a back to school giveaway with a fellow blogger Beauty Crazed (check them out here this is one of my favorite blogs to read and Im positive you will all love it) I know I have not been in school for a little while it was a giveaway that required you to enter by answering one of the 2 questions : "what is your must-have item for going back to school this year - if you aren't going back to school what was your must-have item back in the day?" mine obviously was "what was your must-have item back in the day" I always loved going back to school so I commented :

I wrote how much I enjoyed going back to school with new cloths, new paper , school supplies and more because that meant a fresh new start to another school year! I was excited to find out on August 25th I had won the Clearasil giveaway, there was a value of $100.00!!
The contents in the box included :
-Clearasil Overnight Face Cream
-Clearasil Daily Facial Scrub
-Clearasil Ultra Overnight Facial Wash
-Clearasil 3-in-1 Cleanser
-Clearasil Daily Cleansing Pads
-Clearasil Acne Treatment Cream
-Clearasil Perfecta Wash Face Wash System : With 2 refills of the rapid action face wash in superfruit splash and soothing plant extracts

It was such a great prize to have won, because I have never tried Clearasil due to my sensitive skin. Biore, Olay, Clean and Clear and brands of those sort seem to make break outs worse so I resort to proactive, which is not the greatest method for acne treatment but to me has been the most effective. I am so happy to have won, so thank you again Beauty Crazed and Clearasil Canada for this great giveaway!
Please go check out Beauty Crazed (the link is above) or click here to see the full giveaway and the great information on Clearasil products!