Thursday 9 August 2012

Be a Beauty Correspondent Swap with Cecile

 What a gloomy day outside, raining here in Northern Ontario I was super excited to get my parcel from Cecile from Be A Beauty Correspondent page on Facebook. I got the post office parcel card in my mailbox around noon so I had to wait with anticipation until after their lunch hour to go and pick up my parcel. I wasn't sure who this was from as I am also waiting on other registered mail but I did know it could be from Cecile as we were just speaking about it arriving within the next 2 days last night. Cecile is such a wonderful person I feel so honoured to have done a swap with her. I always see her swaps on be a beauty correspondent and their all amazing, but besides that I have found yet another fantastic friend overseas who makes me enjoy doing swaps. 
Now I know my pictures are not the greatest but I have been using my mobile device to snap this picture, I wanted you all to get the just of what was send to me, Kiko nail polish, false lashes, non-prescription contacts (which I’m so ecstatic to try) Kiko eye shadow pallet, YSL Pallet, lip glosses, Lancôme Mascara, gorgeous single shadows, samples of great brands of skin care products such as Vichy! She also sent some great treats that I already have dug into, (ops) a super yummy Milk chocolate bar that reminds me of my all-time favorite chocolate bar “skor” it tastes identical! Most of all though, I made a fantastic friend which benefits more in my life then beauty products, 

Cecile , Je vous remercie beaucoup d'avoir pris le temps de me faire parvenir ces choses merveilleuses. Vous êtes devenu un grand ami à moi avec une telle cœur aimant. J'espère que nous pourrons faire un autre échange de la beauté dans la feauture, Dieu bénisse votre cœur xx

Please go check out Cecile's great blog (alot of great post's) click here
I hope you all enjoyed seeing what Cecile got me, she shipped out extra early – I’m still waiting on some things but I will most definitely be shipping Monday, I will post a picture once she gets her package 

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