Monday, 23 July 2012

Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set From Sedona Lace : Twitter Party Winner & Review

Hey everyone , I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend , and are enjoying another MANIC Monday ;) !
Here I am with quite an exciting post! Back on June 23rd Sedona Lace was having a twitter party, There was so many great prizes and questions and answers from the Sedona Lace team. I had marked it on my calendar and decided I would tweet and be involved to see if maybe I could win. Thinking it was a long shot as they have quite a variety of twitter followers and such I participated anyways as I have heard nothing but great things about this company from beauty guru's across YouTube. So a question came , and it was something like "who are the 2 people who blog for @SedonaLace" I was on their website and the names of the 2 individuals were there so I posted right away , and sure enough I was the first person with the right post so I WON :) 
When I won , I was so excited! But after finding out what I won I was even more excited! I had won the Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set :) Unfortinutly when I won the brush set just went out of stock so I had to wait 2 weeks for my parcel but I was elated and a wait was no issue. I got my package July 18th (last week) it was so nicely packaged with a little personalized note to myself, it also came with a few extra's a EB 13 brush (synthetic blender) and 3 eye shadow testers (Thanks Sedona Lace) I have been using my brush set every day since receiving them!
These brushes are great , my e.l.f brushes or my sigma brushes hardly compare  ( and I really LOVE my e.l.f brushes) The quality of these brushes are amazing and although I won these they are so affordable for $49.95 (4.90 and up for shipping in Canada) although it's free shipping to the us over $50.00! + SEDONA LACE SHIPS WORLDWIDE!
On the website there is so many positive reviews on this set , "irresistible softness" "Love Them" "Affordable, good quality and cute" --- each set comes with, 1 round top powder brush, 1 flat top powder brush, 1 angle top powder brush and 1 kabuki brush. The handles are black with bright fuchsia + dark purple synthetic bristles! These brushes DO NOT SHED (which is a bonus) and I think every girl should own an elegant set of Sedona Lace brushes. 

Pros : 
good quality 
non bulky 
doesn't soak up all foundation/product

Wish I had more Sedona Lace products (couldn't find any con's) 

All my ladies , near and far NEED to purchase this set, and if not this set any brush set from Sedona Lace, I have heard and experienced NOTHING but great things about these brush's  and other products (pallets, face primer's) Go check out there website by clicking here ! and find yourself something a-mazing to fall in love with! 
Have any of your already tried Sedona Lace products? If so how did you like what you tried? Were you expecting more or less?

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