Monday 25 June 2012

7 Easy Steps To Ombre Stain Nails

Hey Beauties , I hope you're all having a great Monday ! 
I am here with a fun post , Ombre stain nails! First and for most let me touch on the ombre trend this season! Wow Im seeing it everywhere and frankly Im a huge fan! , Basically the term ombre is a French term meaning shaded or shading , it usually goes from a darker to more light look. I've not only seen ombre hair but ombre clothing and more. 
How to get the look I created today : 
1. What you will need : You will need 3-4 polish's dark to light I used Essies Camera , and 2 julep polish's Alicia and Penelope : Essie was my darkest shade followed by Alicia and then Penelope being my lightest shade- You will also need a top coat , a little bowl of water some cotton rounds, a piece of sponge (beauty sponges work best but because I didn't have any i used a normal dish sponge and cute it in to a triangle shape) Nail polish remover , (q-tips and tape) Tape could have been used to put around the nail for no mess, but I used q-tips to clean around the nail along with the cotton round. 
2. Place your piece of sponge in the bowl of water and let set until you open the nail polish lids. Remove from water and ring out the access water about 80% leave enough water where the sponge is damp but not dripping any water.
3.  Line the nail polish on the sponge from darkest to lightest , use 2 lines of colour on the sponge for each colour as it allows enough polish to do nails without drying/soaking into the sponge
4. Firmly press the sponge on your nail, making sure the darkest colour is at the tip, don't worry about any access polish getting on the skin. 
5. Remove all the access nail polish around your nails with your q-tips and cotton rounds
6. Apply a top coat to your nails so the look lasts and there is no chipping 
7. The look is DONE! Easy right? 

Try it with any colour , neons will be my next choice , Ill even consider Canada Day colours! Try it out and see what you come up with , Id love to see! Have fun ladies , :)
I hope you enjoyed this !

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