Friday, 4 May 2012

April 2012 - Beauty Box 5 Box + Rant!

Hey Everyone ; Hope you are all enjoying your Friday! I got some mail today, of course any time I receive a subscription in the mail Im excited , except with Beauty Box 5 -- After seeing many reviews I was shocked to see what horrible samples were included. I gave it a try anyways , but kind of wish I spent my money else where. 

I got this box now in May , so a payment has already came out for another box. If it was my choice I would definitely not be purchasing another months box. Set aside all of that Im willing to give them one more try. 

Now It may look nice , I am not going to complain about the packaging. Standard blue box with Beauty Box Five written nicely across it. ( mind you the box is tiny) It came well packaged. But I knew just by looking at it I wasn't going to be impressed. 

Here's what I received : 

Advanced lift and firm serum by Spa True , Now not only have I never heard of Spa True this product didn't give me any instructions on how to use it or what it is used for but rather a toll free number to contact if I need "assistance" ! Great! 

Pur-lisse essential daily moisturizer in a 0.14oz sample. I could use this product one time. Now I don't know about anyone else but one time does not allow me to know the full affects of the product. Also , this product could be given to me for free at my local drug store. Not a deluxe sized sample Beauty Box Five !

LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup remover. 1 WIPE! again I can not properly review a product if I don't know how it will work for me, I guess this is great for travel and probably will be a forget about product. 

Doctor T's Supergoop! Sunscreen Swipe! Again one wipe , Great for one time use , but I was under the clear assumption that my samples would be deluxe size. 

Finally a full sized product! Freeman Facial Ex foliating Scrub! My entire box's contents probably cost $1.00 I can get this product at any drug store for $0.99! I wont ever use this product ither because these make my face break out! 

This was it ! I am sure Beauty Box Five means well , I just don't see any use for any of these products other then a one time use! This is upsetting I would really like to see more come from this company. 
I just want everyone to know I am not un grateful by any means but for the price were paying for this box I don't see any value. How are any subscribers suppose to know the full extent of the products or know if were going to want to buy full sizes if these mini testers are all we have to try? I really hope in May Beauty Box Five has a treat in store other wise I think I may end my subscription. 

Thanks so much for reading everyone , Please leave your feedback ! 


  1. Did you ever find out more info on that little dropper thingie?

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